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RE: [K12OSN] I need to make Flash work faster....wanna pitch

> I'm game to give this a try...in fact I can start with just 
> one for now....assuming security is not an issue in this 
> case....in other words let's not worry about private/public 
> keys and all that in this concept phase....how can I go about 
> setting this up?  In my situation I basically would be best 
> served by having a dedicated server for FF/Flash.  The 
> biggest issues arise when everyone in the lab is working on 
> FF/Flash....as for the rest of the building....they are few 
> and far between enough so that it's not as much of an issue.  
> Let me know and I'll get started! 
> Thanks for the help!  This'll be fun!  :-)

Here is the link to Gavin's how to site for part 1 of setting up an app
server.  It has 5 parts.


I think the reason for setting up the keys isn't as much for security
but to avoid having to log in every time you run an app.  It doesn't
look like the whole process would take more than an hour to setup.

His tutorials look awesome and the screen shots are excellent.  I think
I could even follow along :-)

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