[K12OSN] I need to make Flash work faster....wanna pitch

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Jan 12 17:10:33 UTC 2005

> These are unrelated concepts.  It is possible to network boot 
> a traditional 'fat' client that can be diskless or perhaps 
> only have a local swap file/partition.  Apps load via NFS 
> from the server but run locally.  Try, for example, booting a 
> knoppix CD on one machine and enabling its PXE server, then 
> let a client boot from it.  The client will run everything 
> locally just like a CD boot. The main thing you need on the 
> client is a faster CPU and more RAM than for a thin client, 
> but if you are using PC's that used to run Win98, this should 
> work fine and scale to more clients per server.

This clears some things up for me.  I was under the assumption that
"local apps" meant they were loaded on a local HD.  I will have to give
this more thought as I have some clients with wasted processing power
and RAM, it would make sense to take some load off of the server and put
that on the clients.  

Can you turn on local apps specific to each client based on their
individual specs?  Lets say I have 20 low end pc's that run everything
from the server, but one or two are 1ghz+ with 512mb RAM and I want to
run 3 or 4 apps locally on these.

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