[K12OSN] Built in New World Mac Thin Client support

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Jan 12 17:15:04 UTC 2005

> Jim: i have to get Bill c's 4.1 nfs mount to try i'll see if 
> hes around.. chuck

Thanks.  I haven't had the chance to fully test the info you sent me
last on this setup.  But it seems like it would be so useful I would
love to see it built right into K12LTSP instead of custom configured for
a few lucky ones.  Schools have been mac based for years and to allow
them to easily take advantage of these machines I believe would help our
cause tremendously.  Even if it was an option that could be installed
with something like "yum install mac-ltsp" or something.  Then all PC
setups wouldn't have to be cluttered with extra directories if they
didn't want it.

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