[K12OSN] I need to make Flash work faster....wanna pitch

Ramon ramonklown at pop.com.br
Wed Jan 12 17:28:42 UTC 2005

The solutionyou proably want is opemosix (cluster of all your client pcs). It's a
great solution in the theory of it. But putting it in practice has been a test.


>> These are unrelated concepts.  It is possible to network boot
>> a traditional 'fat' client that can be diskless or perhaps
>> only have a local swap file/partition.  Apps load via NFS
>> from the server but run locally.  Try, for example, booting a
>> knoppix CD on one machine and enabling its PXE server, then
>> let a client boot from it.  The client will run everything
>> locally just like a CD boot. The main thing you need on the
>> client is a faster CPU and more RAM than for a thin client,
>> but if you are using PC's that used to run Win98, this should
>> work fine and scale to more clients per server.
> This clears some things up for me.  I was under the assumption that
> "local apps" meant they were loaded on a local HD.  I will have to give
> this more thought as I have some clients with wasted processing power
> and RAM, it would make sense to take some load off of the server and put
> that on the clients.
> Can you turn on local apps specific to each client based on their
> individual specs?  Lets say I have 20 low end pc's that run everything
> from the server, but one or two are 1ghz+ with 512mb RAM and I want to
> run 3 or 4 apps locally on these.
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