[K12OSN] renaming IceWM "menu" file

Rob Owens robowens at myway.com
Wed Jan 12 18:31:07 UTC 2005

This is something I've been trying to work out on a non-LTSP system, but I think it might apply to some LTSP setups.

The "personalized" menu file for IceWM is ~/.icewm/menu.  Can I change this default?  Here's my setup, which explains why I need to do this:

Computer 1 is the main workstation.  I have a ~/.icewm/menu file which gives me access to, among other things, OpenOffice.  Computer 2 is an auxilliary workstation running its own operating system (both computers are running Linux, but they are not LTSP'd), and it shares a common /home directory with Computer 1 via NFS.  

Computer 2 is slow, however, so in order to run OpenOffice, I run it on Computer 1 via SSH (displaying on Computer 2).  Currently I do this from the command line, but I would like to incorporate it into my IceWM menu.  I can come up with the proper command to call which will SSH into Computer 1 and run OpenOffice all in one shot.  But if I edit ~/.icewm/menu for Computer 2, I am also editing ~/.icewm/menu for Computer 1 because it is actually the same file (remember, my /home directory is shared by both computers).

So the basic need I have is to tell IceWM on Computer 2 to not look to ~/.icewm/menu, but to another file, say ~/.icewm/menu2.  Can this be done?

Thanks for the help.


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