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Re: [K12OSN] renaming IceWM "menu" file

Why not just have two items on your menu, one for running OOo locally, which you'd use when you're on Computer#1, and one that runs it remotely via ssh, which you'd click on when you're using Computer#2. Since you don't have users in this situation (just yourself, it sounds like) it shouldn't be too hard to remember which menu selection to use depending on which machine you're working on.


Rob Owens wrote:
This is something I've been trying to work out on a non-LTSP system, but I think it might apply to some LTSP setups.

The "personalized" menu file for IceWM is ~/.icewm/menu. Can I change this default? Here's my setup, which explains why I need to do this:

Computer 1 is the main workstation. I have a ~/.icewm/menu file which gives me access to, among other things, OpenOffice. Computer 2 is an auxilliary workstation running its own operating system (both computers are running Linux, but they are not LTSP'd), and it shares a common /home directory with Computer 1 via NFS.

Computer 2 is slow, however, so in order to run OpenOffice, I run it on Computer 1 via SSH (displaying on Computer 2). Currently I do this from the command line, but I would like to incorporate it into my IceWM menu. I can come up with the proper command to call which will SSH into Computer 1 and run OpenOffice all in one shot. But if I edit ~/.icewm/menu for Computer 2, I am also editing ~/.icewm/menu for Computer 1 because it is actually the same file (remember, my /home directory is shared by both computers).

So the basic need I have is to tell IceWM on Computer 2 to not look to ~/.icewm/menu, but to another file, say ~/.icewm/menu2. Can this be done?

Thanks for the help.


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