[K12OSN] Question About Backuppc

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Thu Jan 13 00:56:06 UTC 2005

Hi Les (or anyone else who'd care to answer),

I thought I heard you say that you backed up your linux servers to your 
windows workstation with backuppc?  This is what I'd like to do to, so 
I'm trying to verify that it's possible.  The backuppc documentation 
that I've read so far says that you backup to a "server", so, what needs 
to be serverfied on my windows 2000 workstation for this to work?  Can 
you give me a quick rundown of where I should start to backup my server 
to my workstation?  Right now it's just a straight windows2k client.  I 
don't have a win2k server license.

Thanks, I hope my question is discernable, my brain seems to be quite 
fatigued at the moment.


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