[K12OSN] Built in New World Mac Thin Client support

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Jan 13 14:52:52 UTC 2005

> Hey Chuck,
> Do you have a quick-and-dirty HOWTO on installing yaboot/kernel on 
> the Macs?
> -Eric


Below is all of the information Chuck provided me last time this issue
came up.  I have not had the chance to get this to work yet but you
could probably make more sense of this than myself.  The text below is
just a quick cut and paste somewhat in sequence of our emails.  I think
from it you should be able to extract the procedure.  In one reply to
Chuck I made an attempt at a procedure summary as you can see towards
the bottom. Thanks again for your efforts.


Jim: i am netbooting four diff apples with openfirmware bases directly
yo ltsp..what it takes is the /opt/ltsp/ppc folder which is a tar file
billc created...and the contents of his tftpboot folder..plus a tweak in
dhcp to pass option 43.. i will switch machines and try to give you a
url if you are interested..chuck

this the nfs file system and contents of tftpboot plus i think a working
i do cmd-option o f to go into openfirmware then at ok> prompt type boot
once that works you can change startup disk to network and let er

> > easy..i se everything is in the one big file..the
> > ltsp-ppc.tar.gz should look like /opt/lts/pcc when you are 
> > done.. dhcp is on port 67..take the pieces you need and add 
> > them to your dhcpd.conf..the option routers is important..and 
> > that funny looking option 
> > 
> > and that funny looking encapsulated stuff
> > 
> > so apple first downloads yaboot from /tftpboot-which download
> > yaboot.conf which specifies kernel and initrd names--which 
> > downloads kernel and initrd which then nfs mounts the 
> > filesystem.. so you need yaboot yaboot.conf kernel and initrd 
> > in /tftpboot..notice that for whatever reason the full 
> > pathname is specified in yaboot.conf.. use the ip of your 
> > server from openfirmware (not mine 8~)) 
> > chuck
> Okay.  So I'll simply expand ltsp-ppc.tar.gz to /opt/ltsp/ppc
> Then put the following files from apple.tar.gz into /tftpboot 
> yaboot
> yaboot.conf
> vmlinux-ppc-2.4.22-ltsp-1
> initrd-ppc-2.4.22-ltsp-1
> Then replace my existing dhcpd.conf with the following one included in

> apple.tar.gz (with all refs to changed to my server IP).
> I imagine that if I replaced my ifcfg-eth0 with your file I could 
> leave dhcpd.conf alone?
> Then do I need to do anything with exports and hosts files?
> Once done just reboot my mac clients with "cmd+option+o+f", type boot 
> enet:ser.ver.add.ress at the command and I will be running a true thin

> client out of any new world Mac.
> Can I remove the HD's from these machines just like I would with a 
> standard thin?
> Will this LTSP server still boot i386 machines when finished or just 
> macs?

i just threw all my confs in when i got it working in philly..might need
a hosts reference to keep nfs happy..exports should be such that nfs can
export /opt/ltsp/whatever.. might need to check perms..i believe you can
use same box for i386 andd ppc..i used to with the nubus.. might want to
put that encapsulated stuff in a specific host in dhcpd.conf but i am
pretty sure i386 ignores it...best of luck..and lemme know how it comes
out..you might need to try a couple different video card designations in
lts.conf..bill-xc says some may need glx mopdule loaded...chuck

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