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Re: [K12OSN] App Server (Was: I need to make Flash work faster....wannapitch)

Jim Kronebusch wrote:

Look into using Intel Pro NIC's and adaptor teaming. Whether you are

using 1GB or 100MB NIC's this should be helpful in releaving future
network bottlenecks to the server.  I run on my server Intel Pro 1000's
with ALB teaming if at all possible.  It will take a little messing
around the first time to figure out the process but isn't too bad after
that.  As far as I know the amount of NIC's you can team is endless
(limited of course only by PCI slots and common sense).\


This 'adaptor teamin'...this is like the 'nic bonding' Gavin refers to on his site?
And if so...does this mean...I could have say 4 Gig-E nics ... all plugged into seperate
switches, but doing the same job as eth0 on the K12LTSP server so that each lab has it's
own ~1GB bandwidth? then my limits would be based on my RAM and CPU basically.


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