[K12OSN] App Server (Was: I need to make Flashwork faster....wannapitch)

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Jan 13 17:51:21 UTC 2005

> This 'adaptor teamin'...this is like the 'nic bonding' Gavin 
> refers to 
> on his site?
> And if so...does this mean...I could have say 4 Gig-E nics ... all 
> plugged into seperate
> switches, but doing the same job as eth0 on the K12LTSP 
> server so that 
> each lab has it's
> own ~1GB bandwidth?  then my limits would be based on my RAM and CPU 
> basically.

The way I refer to with Adaptive Load Balancing is to team 2+ NICs into
a percieved single nic with more throughput.  With your example of 4
Gig-E nics in a single machine you would plug them all into a single
gigabit switch.  The team would assign a single IP address to all four
of these nics and the network would see them as one.  The team will
distribute the network load evenly across all nics in the team.  So in
theory if you have one Gig-E nic your throughput is 2GB, if you have a
team of 4 your throughput would be 8GB.  So this scenerio would only
help you serve more clients in each ltsp setup, not to individually
serve more labs.  Hope this helps, and if any of this is incorrect I am
sure someone will speak up :-)

The way Gavin describes Channel Bonding looked to me like a different
type of setup.

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