[K12OSN] App Server (Was: I need to make Flash work faster....wannapitch)

Jesper Berth big at santaz.dk
Thu Jan 13 17:50:47 UTC 2005

tor, 13 01 2005 kl. 11:32 -0600, skrev Jim Kronebusch:
> > Just tried the app server howto from my laptop to my 
> > workstation, and it works, though my 54Mbit Wireless are to 
> > slow to handle OpenOffice, the 100Mbit Ethernet did it much 
> > better but how will it go when i run with 10~15 klients 
> > against this appserver?? Will i need to go for 1Gbit to the 
> > AppServer??
> > 
> > I can see on the "Server" that sshd utillisizes 5-7% cputime 
> > when i open a menu in oowriter will it end as a bottlenec??
> > 
> > The howTo
> > http://k12ltsp.howtoz.net/k12ltsp/appserverI.htm
> Look into using Intel Pro NIC's and adaptor teaming.  Whether you are
> using 1GB or 100MB NIC's this should be helpful in releaving future
> network bottlenecks to the server.  I run on my server Intel Pro 1000's
> with ALB teaming if at all possible.  It will take a little messing
> around the first time to figure out the process but isn't too bad after
> that.  As far as I know the amount of NIC's you can team is endless
> (limited of course only by PCI slots and common sense).

It sounds like it's some kind of bonding (in kernel), have tried the
kernel version before with two 3com905 100Mbit and it work perfely, but
then again we changed for a 1Gbit for the clients.

Is the maximum amount of NIC still four??


Jesper Berth <big at santaz.dk>

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