[K12OSN] RE: Adapter Teaming

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Jan 13 19:01:46 UTC 2005

> Not quite. You also have to figure in the bottleneck from the 
> PCI bus itself. A normal PC with a 32 bit PCI bus can barely 
> feed a single Gig-E NIC. With a server using 64 bit PCI slots 
> and matching Gig-E NICs, you could maybe use 3, depending on 
> CPU, RAM, and probably to a lesser extent, storage system 
> throughput. Has anybody built a monster like this yet and can 
> share their experiences?

I hear you there.  I haven't done any testing with my dual gig setups to
see what if any benefit I am receiving over a single nic.  I just like
to overkill.  So theory is that this should at least eliminate the
possiblity that my nics are a bottleneck.  Then I know HD, RAM, MB and
such are the next likely culprits.

I would be interested in any data others have gathered to determine what
is sever overkill and what is actually beneficial.

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