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Re: [K12OSN] OT: best distro for laptop

aust_txv ACCESS-K12 org wrote:

I have used three distro's in the last few months on two laptops. Mandrake 10.0 comminuty, Fedora 3, and SuSe 9.1. Currently running fedora 3 but I think I am going back to Mandrake due the speed of package updates. I am not married to it or anything. SuSe 9.1 from what I read is OK, but 9.2 is better for a laptop. I have not tried Mandrake 10.1 yet. I must agree with Lee, Fedora 3 was pretty friendly and easy to install. I don't use wireless and battey life is not an issue. I am looking for the fastest package updates so I can run the latest Gimp 2.x.x. and Blender. Debian maybe ? Thanks.

FYI  fedora 3 and Suse 9.2 Professional on laptops.

Tom Ventresco.

I run SuSE Linux Pro 9.2 on my laptop, and everything works perfectly--wireless, video, sound, you name it. Also easy to use. My hardware is a Dell Latitude P4 1.7GHz.


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