[K12OSN] OT: best distro for laptop

David McAuliffe k12ltsp at wondergibbon.com
Fri Jan 14 02:30:16 UTC 2005

> I run SuSE Linux Pro 9.2 on my laptop, and everything works 
> perfectly--wireless, video, sound, you name it.  Also easy to use.  
> My hardware is a Dell Latitude P4 1.7GHz.

Another vote for SuSE here. Running 9.2 on an old Gateway 5300 P3/800 
512MB. Was running Mandrake 9.x and 10, none of which could configure 
the internal winmodem and all seemed to have a flakey approach to 
handling pcmcia and wireless. 10 was a pig with a prism 2 chipset 
wireless card.

SuSE configured the box without a single issue. Modem, internal 
network, wireless, sound, X- it all works. The only thing I think I 
have to sit down and play with is power management, but it runs for 
about 4.5 hours and is never that far from a recharge...

Has anyone got suspend-to-disk and that sort of thing working on their 
laptop yet?

Another one that picked up everything without blinking was Knoppix. I 
am tempted to try a Knoppix HDD install with an apt-get distribution 
upgrade and see what we end up with. Some other day...



David McAuliffe - wondergibbon.com
david at wondergibbon.com

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