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[K12OSN] 4.2 Upgraded, now questions

I have upgraded successfully, have a few simple questions.


1.      video refresh, when users scroll up or down quickly, the screen

garbles display leaving junk from old view on new view.  changing zoom or ctrl f10 fixes issue, until you scroll again.  It has something to do with video, but same workstations had no such issue with 4.0.1

I sometimes get an error message about the video not having enough memory at this resolution and refresh rate.  Again, worked fine with 4.0.x


2.                        how can I let the kids access the cd on their workstations.  Right now it says something to the effect that only root can do that



I will leave the sound till later.  Thin clients are IBM 300 PLs with cs4232 onboard sound  they are bugging the hell out of me.  The only thing I can get sound out of is manually playing wav files out of audio player, nothing else works at all

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