[K12OSN] lightweight file manager?

Rob Owens robowens at myway.com
Fri Jan 14 11:17:18 UTC 2005

Can anybody recommend a lightweight file manager?  I'm using IceWM and loading either Konqueror (which I like) or Nautilus takes a long time--a couple of seconds on my non-LTSP'd 2.0 Celeron.  I downloaded X-WinCommander http://xwc.sourceforge.net/ and it loads like lightening, but I really like the Konqueror look much more.  Plus I haven't tested it out for functionality yet.

There are a couple others I've come across on the internet, like gentoo (a file manager, not the distro) http://www.obsession.se/gentoo/

I figured I'd ask and see if anybody had a suggestion before I try every file manager I can find.


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