[K12OSN] Configuring Workstations Views and Defaults

Rob Owens robowens at myway.com
Fri Jan 14 12:00:58 UTC 2005

Many, if not all, of these customization settings are in hidden files in the user's home directory.  I can't speak for Firefox, but with Mozilla there is a ~/.mozilla directory which, a few subdirectories into it, you will find a bookmarks.html file.  Replace that with your pre-prepared default bookmarks file.  I'm not sure where the homepage selection is kept, but I'd expect to find it somewhere in the .mozilla directory tree.

Same thing probably goes for all other defaults you want to set.  For your desktop, look for ~./gnome or something similar (maybe somebody on the list could tell you exactly, because I don't use Gnome).


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Hello Team,<br><br>I am trying to find information on how to "customize" the LTSP server so<br>that I can control default settings that the users at the workstations<br>see when they log on.<br><br>For example, I would like to be able to set a default home page in<br>Firefox.  A default set of bookmarks.  A default desktop, Etc.<br><br>I've looked through the documentation and the FAQ, but I'm not seeing<br>anything like this.  Unless the language is just over my head.<br><br>Is there a quick a dirty document that identifies stuff like this?  I<br>suspect there are others that would be interested as well.<br><br>Thanks.<br><br>- Sez<br><br>********************************************* <br>Bruce Selzler <br>Digital High School Resource Teacher<br>http://homepage.mac.com/sez <br>selzlerb at esuhsd.org <br>sez at mac.com <br>office:(408) 347.4936 <br>cell: (408) 893.6161 <br>mobile msg: 4088936161 at mobile.att.net <br>************************************************<br><br><br><br>____!
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