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Burroughs, Henry HBurroughs at HHPREP.ORG
Fri Jan 14 12:04:52 UTC 2005


I use Crossover Office 4.0 (moving to 4.1 soon) on K12LTSP 4.1.  It is wonderfull... it provides us with access to quicktime, shockwave, and of course, MS Office XP.  Only thing that seems to run sluggish is PowerPoint if you have a good number of animations and wordArt in MS Word & Powerpoint (it seems to be a screen draw issue...possibly compounded by X displaying from the TS to the client... I last observed this in the 3.X branch, but I haven't really tortured it in 4.X).  Also, it provides access to Accelerated Reader. ;-)  I've got a few hacks that makes it work almost perfectly.  I can't say much good or bad about sound, b/c I'm still lagging behind getting sound working properly on the terminals (although the discussions of late have been interesting on the list... so I might have it working soon), but Quicktime sound works great on my workstation.  I use the RPM version of course, and I configure Crossover on my system, and then build a custom RPM (using the Crossover buildrpm command) and push that to my Terminal Server.

It is just so nice to backup your configuration using the buildrpm command in Crossover...also using the multi-user managed mode, you can keep everyone up-2-date (there is about ~50Meg (links too) or so of files in the user Directory under .cxoffice that get created whenever CX Office is first run or when there are major changes in the configuration).

We also use Blackbaud's Faculty Access for the Web application, which unfortunately REQUIRES IE... so I have a menu folder for different things, so I created a shortcut which launches IE straight to the secure site.

Henry Burroughs
Technology Director
Hilton Head Preparatory School

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Hello Everyone,  Is anyone using CrossOver Office Professional with Eric's 
4.2?  I need to provide a solution to an online course based on ---  you 
guessed it, MS. Office Pro.   Don't anyone bother to waste time talking 
about OO...  We can run the online program with OO, but some of our staff 
are both stuck and not-at-all-too-flexible-in-their-thinking.  I may as well 
investigate Cross-Over on thin clients before I explain cost, reliablilty, 
and server load.  Thanks all, Jim - still on K12LTSP3.2

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