[K12OSN] lightweight file manager?

Richard holtniurka at cantv.net
Fri Jan 14 12:50:48 UTC 2005

On Fri, 14 January 2005 07:17, Rob Owens wrote:
> Can anybody recommend a lightweight file manager?  I'm using 
IceWM and loading either Konqueror (which I like) or Nautilus 
takes a long time--a couple of seconds on my non-LTSP'd 2.0 
Celeron.  I downloaded X-WinCommander 
http://xwc.sourceforge.net/ and it loads like lightening, but I 
really like the Konqueror look much more.  Plus I haven't 
tested it out for functionality yet.
> There are a couple others I've come across on the internet, 
like gentoo (a file manager, not the distro) 
> I figured I'd ask and see if anybody had a suggestion before I 
try every file manager I can find.

Have you tried Krusader?  It's very similar to Total Commander / 
Norton Commander, etal.  

" .. is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager 
for KDE 3, similar to Midnight or Total Commander (formerly 
Windows Commander), with many extras. It provides all the 
file-management features you could possibly want.

Plus: extensive archive handling, mounted filesystem support, 
FTP, advanced search module, viewer/editor, directory 
synchronisation, file content comparisons, powerful batch 
renaming and much much more.

It supports the following archive formats: tar, zip, bzip2, 
gzip, rar, ace, arj and rpm and can handle other KIOSlaves such 
as smb or fish. It is (almost) completely customizable, very 
user friendly, fast and looks great on your desktop! :-)

It's the first thing I install on a new install. 

> -Rob

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