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Re: [K12OSN] CrossOver Office Professional

Gavin Spurgeon wrote:
Hi List...

Hello Everyone,  Is anyone using CrossOver Office Professional with Eric's
4.2?  I need to provide a solution to an online course based on ---  you
guessed it, MS. Office Pro.   Don't anyone bother to waste time talking
about OO...  We can run the online program with OO, but some of our staff
are both stuck and not-at-all-too-flexible-in-their-thinking.  I may as


investigate Cross-Over on thin clients before I explain cost, reliablilty,
and server load.  Thanks all, Jim - still on K12LTSP3.2

Why? I placed OOo on all machines in every classroom I've taught in over the past three years and my students, at least, were largely unaware that they were using anything different than they were used to...Until, of course, the realized it wasn't crashing and destroying their hard work on the windopes machines.
I've used it in the classroom on Macs and Linux boxes, too.
When people talk about wasting money on superfluous software, I just shake my head. that's taxpayer dollars that could be better spent elsewhere in a school. If people want to copmlain about the cost of education, they should really start becoming aware of better & cheaper alternatives to many superfluous spending habits. OSS, of course, is one of the best examples.
Anthony Baldwin
Freedom to Learn!

GED$/L/P/FA d? s: a C++ L++ W++ N++ K- w--- M+ PS++
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