[K12OSN] renaming IceWM

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Fri Jan 14 14:06:58 UTC 2005


Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-01-13 at 16:35, Petre Scheie wrote:
>>Note that Sudev's suggestion works only if you are running Nautilus with IceWM. 
>>  IceWM by itself does not support desktop icons, which is part of the reason it 
>>consumes much less resources.  And Nautilus tends to consume a lot of resources, 
>>so if this is on old hardware, you may want to stay away from it.
> How do you avoid it?  I select an Icewm session and launchers show up on
> the desktop automatically and a right-mouse on the desktop offers a
> choice to create a new one.

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