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Re: [K12OSN] lightweight file manager?

I'd stick with xwc. Some caveats: I almost always have file managers in the "show detailed list" view, because I want to see the date, size, etc.; I'm not big on icon views. I also want to be able to customize what app is launched when I double-click on a file, and I like to be able to right-click on the file an choose from multiple applications for a file, e.g., I like to switch between xPDF and AcroRead.

A few months back I, too, was looking for a light, quick file manager to use under IceWM, and I looked at several. Konqueror and Nautilus were too slow/piggish. For performance reasons, I avoided any that needed Gnome or KDE libraries, as those seem to only work well on beefier machines, and tried to focus on those that were just 'X based'. emelFM wouldn't easily display the date and other properties (I didn't want to have to move the slider bar back and forth). Another one, whose name I can't recall, didn't include the year in the date fields, and so when sorted by date, a file from April, 2004 would be listed above a file from November, 2002.

If you search freshmeat.net or google for 'lighweight file manager' you'll get several hits, including some commentary by people who also looked around and stuck with xwc. It's kinda old fashioned in some ways, but it's consistent, and it's fast even on old machines with little memory.


Rob Owens wrote:
Can anybody recommend a lightweight file manager? I'm using IceWM and loading either Konqueror (which I like) or Nautilus takes a long time--a couple of seconds on my non-LTSP'd 2.0 Celeron. I downloaded X-WinCommander http://xwc.sourceforge.net/ and it loads like lightening, but I really like the Konqueror look much more. Plus I haven't tested it out for functionality yet.

There are a couple others I've come across on the internet, like gentoo (a file manager, not the distro) http://www.obsession.se/gentoo/

I figured I'd ask and see if anybody had a suggestion before I try every file manager I can find.


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