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Re: [K12OSN] backuppc

Les Mikesell wrote:

A user on the backuppc list recently posted a link to his
step by step HOWTO for fedora:
It assumes that you know how to use CPAN to install perl modules
and the clients are windows boxes using the cygwin rsync program
but if anyone gets that far and has trouble or wants to use
a different client target or method I'll be happy to answer

 Les Mikesell
  les futuresource com

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Yay, the cgi-part is bite'n me in the butt...other than that I found the 'smb' parameter and changed to 'rsync'...(better? worse? than rsyncd?)
is there anything special I need to do to my LTSP box that I'm backing up or the BackupPC box, so the BackupPC box be able to talk to it?
and I still haven't found the 'manual start' to make the backup begin...it seemed to do it automagically attempt this morning at about 2am or so, but
it was trying 'smb' not 'rsync'...so failed.


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