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Re: [K12OSN] k12 over a network

Jordan Hutchings wrote:

I'm currently running into a problem with the option broadcast-address. The current situation is that we are running our server in a classroom and then a client in another classroom. The problem is that the server and client must communicate using the school's prebuilt windows network. Is there a possible solution to this or do we have to run the client and server on a seperate switch/series of hubs than the main school server?

This question has been addressed in this forum many times. I'm in the same situation; on my network, the K12LTSP server, running Samba, is also a file server for the Windows boxes. It is easy to set this up.

What you want on your K12LTSP server is a "single-NIC" install. Look up the thread "LTSP on same network as Windows", for messages dated August 21, 2004, for how to do this. It's a snap.


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