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Re: [K12OSN] k12ltsp & SGI O2

That's hot.
just install it folowing the next buttons haha, on partition choose at least 700 mb
for swap partition and make a separate partition for "/home".

Not sure what motherboard you got but probaly it's a pxe complaint, so you just go
to BIOS and set "Boot from Lan" or "Onboard Lan Boot Rom" set to enabled.

the only configuration needed on the software is set ip and submask:

very easy any body can install a PXE with this software.


OBS: That's what I call a donation.

> Hi,
> Amongst the more enterprising members has anyone set up an SGI O2 box as
> either a k12ltsp server or client and if so HOW !
> We were donated about 40 SGI O2 R5000 and would love to be able to make
> good use of these RISC boxes other that "cute" bookends.
> thks
> norbert
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