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Re: [K12OSN] k12ltsp & SGI O2

aust_txv ACCESS-K12 org wrote:

We were donated about 40 SGI O2 R5000 and would love to be able to make

good use of these RISC boxes other that "cute" bookends. >>

Wow those are neat looking. They are RISC R5000 cpu's like 210Mhz (RISC) yes ? I think you are in for a battle. You can weave your own LTSP for these I think with another OS. Find a linux distro for that hardward and see if it works. These are not x86 workstations so an "out-of the box" K12LTSP install won't work for you. Try to find a linux distro for that hardware. They did not come with IRIX ? Might have to go FreeBSD, I don't recall seeing a linux distro for the R5000 cpu. I would love to be wrong for your sake. :) ;) They are cool are they blue or black ?
Hope this helps,
Tom Ventresco

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Yes they are blue & black .... these are 180 Mhz R5000 boxes with about 1GB memory & no hard drive (the drives were removed for security reasons) therefore no IRIX.
I would like to get a detailed "Howto" to initially configure these, as I believe that I'll have to setup an SGI partiiton on the SCSI drive before I can load any Linux distro...... so any help will be appreciated


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