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tuxnician at execulink.com tuxnician at execulink.com
Tue Jan 18 19:10:48 UTC 2005

Hi everyone.

I may be making a little progress with a Trustee about Linux but I would
like to provide him with more information.  I realize that I may be
repeating what has been posted before (my apologies) but I am looking for
any info, presentations, experiences that can help him 'see the light'.

I know that a couple people have discussed with their 'higher-ups' the
value and benefits of using Linux and the LTSP in their schools and I
would like to hear how they did it.

I appreciate any info and help I can get so I can help get this project
into our schools.

Since a decision maker said no more Linux (even though the one Mac Lab is
running OS10) the K12LTSP is being introduced to some schools as a pilot
for the benefits of Open Source software (and some are only available on

One class in an elementary school running the K12LTSP and the teacher is
very happy with it.

Thanks everyone.

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