[K12OSN] Linux World

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Jan 18 19:28:22 UTC 2005

> Jim,
> We've probably got enough help for setup on monday, but if 
> you want to come out, i'm sure we'll find something for you to do.
> We've done this so many times, that we generally get setup in 
> less than 2 hours.
> My suggestion is to get there on sunday night, and use Monday 
> to roam around the city.  Lots to see in Boston.
> And, 2 more passes is easy.  I'll slide them in the envelope 
> with the others.  your timing is great, I was just getting 
> ready to take them out to the mailbox.
> Jim.

Thanks for the passes.  I think we'll come out Sunday night.  I think I
could learn a lot just watching you guys set things up but I would hate
to get in the way.  Hopefully we can connect when I get down there and
see if you need help then.

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