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Re: [K12OSN] Pushing an application to a given group

1. Create a list of the IDs of the teachers you want to be able to run this app.

2. Create a group called igpro:

/usr/sbin/groupadd igpro

3. Add the selected teachers to the group by making it a secondary group for those teachers; note that this won't affect their primary group or their membership in the TEACHRS group:

/usr/sbin/usermod -G igpro teacher1
/usr/sbin/usermod -G igpro teacher2

4. Create the launcher file for IGPro on one teacher's desktop (or your own), and then find that file in ~/Desktop/ (for KDE--I forget where Gnome stores desktop icons/launchers)

5. Using the list from step #1, copy the launcher file into the teachers' desktop:

for x in `cat igpro_teachers_ids`
  cp IGPro /home/${x}/Desktop/

You may want to change the permissions on the IGPro file afterward to make sure it's readable by the user. Steps 2 & 3 aren't really necessary, but it's a way to keep track of who has access to the application. If you wanted to be really thorough about it, you could set the group for the launcher file to be igpro and set other permissions to 0, e.g., 'chmod 550 IGPro'.

Or did you mean, write a script so that you can distribute an app to only teachers by dragging onto an icon? If so, copy the script attached to the 'distribute to all users' icon and modify the copy so that it only works with members of the igpro or TEACHRS group.


Alan A Hodson wrote:
Greetings from West Texas

I believe I have used the Webmin batch script enough times to load users into a system to be able to add a group of users, who in addition to the regular privileges, also belong to a group called TEACHRS (suggestions welcomed - I use create:username:userpwd:::username:/home/username:/bin/csh::::: for the base script)

What I really would appreciate some help with is creating a small script that would then push a given application (say its called IGPro) to the TEACHRS desktop *only*, much in the same way root is able to mass install flash, fonts, webmin itself, etc. from the desktop.

I am deploying K12LTSP v.4.2.0 on a HUGE DELL server that is going to be accessible from any classroom at a campus (using VLANS) that I am hoping becomes a standard for the El Paso ISD.

My deepest gratitude to the folks that share their talent and time with this list and to the effort of providing accessible technology to students everywhere


Alan A Hodson
aahodson episd org

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