[K12OSN] OT - FC3 Server install/update

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Wed Jan 19 17:53:12 UTC 2005

Hi People,

I know this is OT, but I trust this knowledgeable group, please help me 
if you can, both answers I need might be pretty short, even though the 
questions are long.

I yesterday took an old workstation and installed straight FC3 on it.  
(not k12ltsp, hence the OT)  I need this box to be a "kitchen sink" 
development server.  I need to run mail/dns/php/mysql/apache, etc., 
etc.   I'm going to be experimenting with Moodle, and other CMS/LMS's on 
it, so I need it to have Perl and a bunch of other libraries and goodies 
on it.  For that reason, I chose the "everything" install.  Just to make 
sure I had all the libraries and modules and plugins I could possibly get. 

So, my 2 questions:
1)  How do I get "yum update" or up2date -u to work?  They both crunch 
away for a couple hours, downloading headers, downloading packages, 
checking dependencies, and then ... hang.  yum is hanging at a spot that 
says:  "Finished Transaction Test \n Transaction Test Succeeded \n 
Running Transaction \n Updating: glibc-common 100% done 1/608" \n 
blinking cursor.  I think up2date failed at pretty much the same spot.  
How do I get past this?

2)  Should I have just done the "server" install?  I don't plan to ever 
use this computer as a workstation.  I don't need the games, open 
office, or anything, (it was nice to see the full FC3 though, gives me a 
hankering to upgrade my k12ltsp box) but is there anything servery that 
I'd be missing if I do the straight server install?  At this point I'm 
willing to start over if it'll give me a leaner machine, with 
quicker/smoother updates, etc.

Thank you so much, for everything.  This list and linux and k12ltsp all 


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