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Re: [K12OSN] OT - FC3 Server install/update

On Wed, 2005-01-19 at 11:53, Carl Keil wrote:

> I yesterday took an old workstation and installed straight FC3 on it.  
> (not k12ltsp, hence the OT)  I need this box to be a "kitchen sink" 
> development server.

They are pretty much identical if you omit the ltsp and education
packages, but Eric usually backs in all the fedora updates up
to the time he builds the isos, so you are probably better off
installing k12ltsp even if you don't need the extras.

> So, my 2 questions:
> 1)  How do I get "yum update" or up2date -u to work?  They both crunch 
> away for a couple hours, downloading headers, downloading packages, 
> checking dependencies, and then ... hang.  yum is hanging at a spot that 
> says:  "Finished Transaction Test \n Transaction Test Succeeded \n 
> Running Transaction \n Updating: glibc-common 100% done 1/608" \n 
> blinking cursor.  I think up2date failed at pretty much the same spot.  
> How do I get past this?

If you are going to keep your install, I'd try updating a few
individual packages first.  If rpm or yum is in the list, get
those first, then a few more at a time.  Also, I thing there
have been a few quirks in the update dependencies recently.
That part may straighten itself out.

> 2)  Should I have just done the "server" install?  I don't plan to ever 
> use this computer as a workstation.  I don't need the games, open 
> office, or anything, (it was nice to see the full FC3 though, gives me a 
> hankering to upgrade my k12ltsp box) but is there anything servery that 
> I'd be missing if I do the straight server install?  At this point I'm 
> willing to start over if it'll give me a leaner machine, with 
> quicker/smoother updates, etc.

The other stuff doesn't normally hurt anything, but it does make
the updates more complicated.  I'd start with a 'server' install
and add the development packages you need.  You can always add
more if you need it.

  Les Mikesell
   les futuresource com

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