[K12OSN] printer attached to local client issue

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Jan 19 18:49:20 UTC 2005

yes...this is option B =)
...but it doesn't actually solve the issue, it's only a work-around.
I've actually resorted to the low-cost work-around currently
printed on plain white paper =) $0.03


Jim Kronebusch wrote:

>>I have a laserjet printer attached to a thin client via 
>>parallel cable 
>>in the main K12LTSP lab.
>>Apparently this client is getting powered down at the end of 
>>the school day. So when I arrive, I have an e-mail waiting 
>>for me telling me that "the 
>>printer does not work".
>>I http://localhost:631/printers   and stop then start the printer and 
>>all is well again.
>>(of course there are 5 copies of each person's print job in 
>>the que that 
>>oddly enough root can not remove via the web interface)
>>Is there any way to 'automagically' restart the printer when 
>>this client 
>>is powered back up?
>I don't know much about printing yet but here are my quick thoughts:
>1 - Get an external print server and print by IP and offload the duties
>from the terminal
>2 - Simple cron to execute the command daily to stop and restart the
>printer.  Either time it shortly after the standard time the terminal is
>usually powered up or maybe there is a way to have logon of that
>terminal trigger the execution of the cron.

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