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Re: [K12OSN] printer attached to local client issue

yes...this is option B =)
...but it doesn't actually solve the issue, it's only a work-around.
I've actually resorted to the low-cost work-around currently
printed on plain white paper =) $0.03


Jim Kronebusch wrote:

I have a laserjet printer attached to a thin client via parallel cable in the main K12LTSP lab.
Apparently this client is getting powered down at the end of the school day. So when I arrive, I have an e-mail waiting for me telling me that "the printer does not work".
I http://localhost:631/printers and stop then start the printer and all is well again.
(of course there are 5 copies of each person's print job in the que that oddly enough root can not remove via the web interface)
Is there any way to 'automagically' restart the printer when this client is powered back up?

I don't know much about printing yet but here are my quick thoughts:

1 - Get an external print server and print by IP and offload the duties
from the terminal

2 - Simple cron to execute the command daily to stop and restart the
printer.  Either time it shortly after the standard time the terminal is
usually powered up or maybe there is a way to have logon of that
terminal trigger the execution of the cron.

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