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RE: [K12OSN] printer attached to local client issue

> yes...this is option B =)
> ...but it doesn't actually solve the issue, it's only a 
> work-around. I've actually resorted to the low-cost 
> work-around currently DO NOT TURN THIS MACHINE OFF printed on 
> plain white paper =) $0.03

I saw it as possible options B and C.  Option 1 (B) would be the print
server, Option 2 (C) would be keep the printer where it is and create
the cron scripts.  I seem to recall someone triggering other types of
events on client login, maybe you could use that to trigger the printer
restart.  I'd help with the scripting but don't understand it enough.

> >1 - Get an external print server and print by IP and offload 
> the duties 
> >from the terminal
> >
> >2 - Simple cron to execute the command daily to stop and restart the 
> >printer.  Either time it shortly after the standard time the 
> terminal 
> >is usually powered up or maybe there is a way to have logon of that 
> >terminal trigger the execution of the cron.

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