[K12OSN] Xeon vs Opteron ?

Dennis Daniels ddaniels at magic.fr
Thu Jan 20 06:40:52 UTC 2005

I concur. I find the dual opteron quite snappy compared to a dual xeon. 
The price factors around the RAM are the only real pressure on making 
the switch to the opteron.


Terrell Prudé, Jr. wrote:
> Personally, I'd go for the Opteron.  Though I'm not a programmer, from 
> what I've read, Intel doesn't exactly implement the AMD64 instruction 
> set properly, and x86-64 GNU/Linux development is really geared toward 
> the Opteron.  Also, the Opteron's just a better chip than the Xeon.  It 
> tends to quite handily beat any Xeon, be it in 32-bit or 64-bit mode.  
> And that's with over a 1GHz clock-speed disadvantage.
> Finally, I have yet to see an EM64T chip actually for sale.  I see 
> Opterons all over the place, which means that they're not in short 
> supply at this point.
> You should also compare motherboard prices.  For me, this would be a 
> factor; I've found Tyan boards to be very good over the years; I've got 
> a couple of their dual Athlon MP mobos.  MSI's dual Athlon motherboard 
> has also been trouble-free for me.  To my knowledge, ASUS does not yet 
> make a dual-Opteron mobo (maybe scared of Intel?).
> --TP
> Robert Arkiletian wrote:
>> Which cpu would you recommend for a multi user environment like k12ltsp
>> Anyone have any personal experience to compare.
>> The following cpu cost the same
>> ----------------------------------------
>> Xeon 2.8 EM64T 1MB cache 800 FSB
>> Advantage:
>> Hyperthreading (With HT kernel sees double the cpus)
>> Opteron 242 Advantage:
>> Built in memory controller (beats xeon on most benchmarks)
>> ----------------------------------------
>> Would your choice be different on single cpu vs dual cpu server?
>> Robert Arkiletian
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