[K12OSN] Content Management System ?

Steve James sjsj at freespace.net
Thu Jan 20 09:31:31 UTC 2005

Site at School  is a CMS developed for primary schools.

Follow this link to see many websites using it http://tinyurl.com/5yjwx

All you need is Apache, PHP, and MySQL installed.

The history of this project goes back to 1998, when student (Mark de 
Haan) of the "Municipal School Community Schagen" in the Netherlands 
built a schoolsite.
After building the site in 2000, he started to think about a system that 
would make it easier to build and maintain a schoolsite and also make more
advanced possibilities available like a personal page for every pupil. 
In 2002 the Public Primary School Rosa Boekdrukker in Amsterdam was 
investigating the possibilities of having a website of their own.

The Educational Dept. of the Municipality of Amsterdam, City District 
'De Baarsjes' , was convinced on the usefullnes of the concept of a 
content management system and decided to fund the first release of a 
Content Management System for primary schools: Site at School Version 1.0. 
The total costs of the first version were EUR 1500.--. In 2003 other 
schools got interested and another developer (Fred Stuurman) was found 
to solve bugs in the first release and to further develop Site at School by 
adding modules and functionalities.

On the 29th of March 2003 version 1.10 was released .
On the 30st of June 2003 version1.2 was released.
On the 29th of December 2003 version 2 was released.
2.1 was released in march 2004, shortly followed by 2.1.1 to fix some bugs.
2.2 is released 31 October 2004.



Dan Shyne wrote:

>Greetings All:
>I am looking for a Content Management System for teachers to do web pages
>with.  I would prefer everything be on the server.  In that vein, I would
>like to not have any web client software.  Hence, the CMS would have to have
>its own WYSIWYG interface accessible by the clients.  
>Anyone have any suggestions? 

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