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[K12OSN] Re: changing IP addresses on a Printer Nic

There are two ways that you can change the addresses on your HP Laserjet
8000s, good printers by the way and should support postscript printing.

The least comlicated, though not necessarily the best, is to change the
address at the printer console using the menu, +, -, and item buttons.
The menu you will probably want to use will labeled EIO (Ethernet IO).

The better long term choice, particularly if you are looking to acquire
more HP printers with JetDirect cards in them, is to download the
WebJetAdmin utility from HPs website and use it to remotely configure
the printers. It is available for both Windows and Fedora. Tou do this
you will need the MAC addresses of the printers. You can get this at the
printer by going to the Test menu at the printer console and printing a
configuration page. It will be part of the EIO information.

Hope that helps.

Trae Elmore CNE, MCP
Program Chair of Computer Systems Networking
trae elmore marshall tstc edu
903) 935-1010 ext. 3361

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