[K12OSN] Samba/LDAP configuration script available

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Fri Jan 21 02:07:36 UTC 2005

lookin forward to comparing it to mine...chuck

> K12LTSP Community,
> The goal in our school district during the last few months has been to
> build a linux network that would allow all types of clients to
> authenticate and access home directories.  However, the time and
> expertise required to install and configure LDAP/Samba was an issue. 
> We are happy to announce that we have developed a script that
> drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to install and
> configure LDAP/Samba on a K12LTSP 4.2 server (less than 30 minutes). 
> We have successfully authenticated clients and accessed home
> directories on thin clients, Windows XP, Macintosh, and Linux.  We hope
> that this script will be of use to the K12LTSP open source community. 
> We thank all of your for your continued work and support.  
> David Trask was instrumental in this project as he spent hundreds of
> hours in the development of  the how-to and volunteered to test each
> version of the script.  Matt Oquist is the talented programmer who
> authored the script.  Art Reardon also spent endless hours in the
> testing and development process.  Thanks to each of you for your work!
> The script can be download by clicking on the download button at: 
> http://technology.sau16.k12.nh.us/opnsrc
> Steve Kossakoski
> Assistant Superintendent, Technology & Research
> SAU 16, 24 Front Street Exeter, NH  03833
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