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Re: [K12OSN] VNC Reflector Not Working


Yes come join us on IRC, I have been trying to get this to work and have been logging into #ltsp (thank you cliebow for helping). I would really like to get it to work, but take it one step further, I'd like it to work with TeacherTool. Hope to see you on the IRC guys. I probably won't be there today, I'm over-budget on my time, but will be in Monday.

BTW, I wonder if these instructions were written for an installation that used vnc running under xinetd?Could this have anything to do with it? At some point this week I (with much help) had it working somehow but I got a new instance of a desktop instead of connecting to the teacherdemo desktop. Cliebow said there was a howto that rjune wrote on vnc and xinetd. I went looking for that this morning. Didn't find that howto, but did find some stuff on both wiki's about vnc and xinetd. It seems to me that what vnc is designed to do under xinetd -- is to give each user from whatever type of system an ltsp desktop so they can use an application on the terminal server.

I am very confused. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to explain my state of confusion.

Rita Gibson

cliebow downeast net wrote:

why not pop into #ltsp on freenode.net. a couple of us been wrestling with
it this week..cliebow

Hi there everyone!

I am having some difficulty getting VNC Reflector working on our Fedora
Core 2 LTSP installation. I have followed the steps from David (which are
updated by Robert), but still no success!

I successfully built the vncreflector file and moved it to another folder,
in this case /opt/vncreflector/

In this folder, I have created the PASSWD_FILE and placed the passwords in
there as follows:

I then created the startreflector script and chmod it to allow executable
access. The script runs fine. I inserted:
/opt/vncreflector/vncreflector -p PASSWD_FILE -i PID_FILE -l 5999

I then run the vncpasswd /usr/local/share/passwd command. I enter
"student" as the password.
I then ran: chmod 755 /usr/local/share/passwd
Success so far.

I start the server with no difficulty, the server starts with no errors in
the log. It states:

VNC Reflector 1.2.4. Copyright (C) 2001-2003 HorizonLive.com, Inc.

HorizonLive provides e-Learning and collaborative synchronous presentation
solutions in a totally Web-based environment.  For more information about
HorizonLive, please see our website at http://www.horizonlive.com/

Starting in the background, see the log file for errors and other messages.

Here's where I experience problems:

When I run vncviewer localhost:99 and enter "teacheruser". The connection
drops with the following error:

Thu Jan 20 16:01:35 2005
CConn:       connected to host localhost port 5999
CConnection: Server supports RFB protocol version 3.3
CConnection: Using RFB protocol version 3.3

Thu Jan 20 16:01:38 2005
main:        End of stream

There is an "End of stream" message. I have verified that the password is
correct, as when I type in the wrong password, I clearly get an
authentication error message.

I have verified that vncserver is running, because when I type in
vncviewer localhost:1 I get a connection to the login screen.

I can also verify that when I launch vncreflector, it connects to the VNC
session because of the following log entries:

20/01/05 15:59:57 + Starting VNC Reflector 1.2.4
20/01/05 15:59:57 - Switched to the background mode
20/01/05 15:59:57 * Using only 8 first bytes of a longer password
20/01/05 15:59:57 * Host password not specified, assuming no auth
20/01/05 15:59:57 + Connecting to localhost, port 5901
20/01/05 15:59:57 + Connection established
20/01/05 15:59:58 - Remote RFB Protocol version is 3.8
20/01/05 15:59:58 * Protocol sub-version does not match (ignoring)
20/01/05 15:59:58 + No authentication required at host side
20/01/05 15:59:58 + Remote desktop geometry is 800x600
20/01/05 15:59:58 - Remote desktop name: x11
20/01/05 15:59:58 + Activating new host connection

Just to see if there is a VNC connection issue with LTSP, I changed the
host file to point to a PC with VNC Server on it, and the results were
exactly the same.. confirming that it happens with all vnc servers I try
to connect to.

Maybe I'm missing something? Does anyone have any ideas?


Alan Owen
Hermon School District
Hermon, ME

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