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RE: [K12OSN] Eureka! Samba/LDAP is a piece of cake to set up now!

> Wondering what a Samba/LDAP server is?  A centralized point 
> of authentication regardless of OS.  In my school...all my 
> users live on the Samba/LDAP server and all the other servers 
> authenticate to the Samba/LDAP server.  All user home 
> directories and profiles are accessible regardless of 
> platform....Windows, Linux, OS X....all work fine.  Adding a 
> server to the network?  No problem...simply point it to the 
> Samba/LDAP server and away you go!  Samba handles the Windows 
> side of things and LDAP handles the rest....very cool!

Does this basically set up the box to be a PDC then for the Windows
machines?  So to authenticate my windows boxes I would set them to a
domain and point them here.

Once completed do the /home directories automatically mount on the
clients upon login or do users still have to manually browse the network
for these and mount them?

Thanks for the work on this guys.  I will be making very heavy use of
this during the summer months.

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