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[K12OSN] Exam Generator Programs

The only two programs currently keeping me from switching my laptop to a dedicated Linux machine instead of dual booting is a program called Markbook, by Assylum software, for keeping track of student marks, and ExamView Pro Test Generator , which gives you the ability to keep "Question Banks" and then generate quizzes/tests from the question banks.

I have yet to discover a good Linux alternative for either of these programs. The Markbook program issue I can sidestep because it also comes in a Mac flavour and I have a single Mac available for graphic ad work etc.

The test generator I would like to find an alternative to because it would allow me to be much more homogeneous environment in the lab, and I could take my laptop home and mark assignments in 1 OS, and not have to switch/dual boot it

Anyone have options for me?

Thanks in advance

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