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[K12OSN] making dvd iso

Awhile back eric had a message about making a dvd with some command line statements.
Further to this, I found and tried with success, a script that does it all for you. Works nicely. I was able to create a k12ltsp-4.2.0 dvd iso that was tested bootable. I don't have a new system to install yet.

Download the script mkdvd-1.0 from here, http://www.iruntheinter.net/files/misc/.
Create a directory that contains only the k12ltsp-4.2.0 iso disks (4-disks).If you don't already have installed mkisofs & anaconda-runtime, use apt-get to install them as the script will complain if not installed.
Then :
#./mkdvd-1.0 /k12ltsp-sourcedirectory/ /k12ltsp-targetdirectory/k12ltsp-4.2.0-dvd.iso
Thats it, source & target could be the same.The script edits correctly the .discinfo file.


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