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Re: [K12OSN] Slow speed

On the cheap:
*Limit usage of OpenOffice as much as possible
*use firefox instead of mozilla
*reduce usage of heavy graphical apps like Tuxtype (though a nice app, it slows down the network)

For $
*more RAM
*320 SCSI drives

*set up second ltsp server / share the served IP addresses
**box 1 responds to 100-105
**box 2 resonds to 106-200 (or something like that)
*set /home to a single box and NFS all requests there



Bjørn Roger Rasmussen wrote:
Hello people!
I run a K12LTSP 4.2.0 setup at one of the schools I have the computer responsibility for. The server is an old PC with the following configuration:
- Intel P 4 1.6 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB IDE harddisk WD with 8 MB cache. 100 Mbit/s network.
The server shall serve about 10 – 15 thin client computers. The thin client computers are old computers with specifications running from Pentium 166 MHz with 64 MB RAM and better.
Before I began to run K12LTSP I used Skolelinux (http://www.skolelinux.no/). The users at the school liked that solution, but it was a night mare for me to maintain the network. I did not get any complaint about the speed when I run Skolelinux.
Now with K12LTSP as system the people at the school are complaining about the speed. High response time when they shall start or use normally programs etc.
Where would you think is the biggest bottleneck in my setup? Should I have had a better server? Which parts of the server has the most importance for the speed at the thin clients?

Bjorn Roger Rasmussen
EDP employee - local government of Eigersund, Norway.

Bjørn Roger Rasmussen (http://www.brr.no/)


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