[K12OSN] ntpd SELinux problem

mrok12osn at eastgranby.k12.ct.us mrok12osn at eastgranby.k12.ct.us
Sun Jan 23 00:58:55 UTC 2005

I've built a samba server using the k12ltsp 4.2 iso's.  The following is
appearing in messages.

Jan 21 01:55:14 admin ntpd[9988]: can't open /etc/ntp/drift.TEMP:
Permission denied
Jan 21 01:55:14 admin kernel: audit(1106290514.375:0): avc:  denied  {
write } for  pid=9988 exe=/usr/sbin/ntpd name=ntp dev=hda3 ino=3392705
scontext=root:system_r:ntpd_t tcontext=system_u:object_r:etc_t tclass=dir

The ownership of the /etc/ntp directory and all files in it is ntp.ntp.

If I change SELinux to Permissive, then the drift.TEMP file is created.

Is there something else that I need to do to allow ntpd to update the
drift file with SELinux set to Enforcing?

Mark Orenstein
East Granby, CT School System

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