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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP slows down on subnet

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 01:40:19PM -0600, Jason Waskiewicz wrote:
> I recently configured Red Hat Fedora 2 to work as an LTSP server over the
> school network. This worked (slowly) over the weekend when most of the
> computers in the building were not on the network. However, when Monday
> came, I saw why everyone suggests getting a switch and creating a
> subnetwork.
> I tried out an old hub that has been in storage, but it was unacceptably
> slow. I then drove to the city and bought a switch. I had no improvement
> in speed.
> The thin-clients (all in my classroom) withh run Etherboot. They will find
> DHCP and identify all the IP addresses. However, when they start to boot
> up Linux, they hang up. They identify the file. They should then display
> about a screen's worth of periods. Instead, they start popping up periods
> at an ever slower and slower rate. Last night I let it go for 3 hours and
> had about 10 periods.

Need some details:
have you ever used this server for LTSP before? 
	How well did it work?
	running what OS then 
What CPU and speed ? how much RAM

What speed are your network components capable of?
What speed are your network running at?
How many NICs on your server

> When I reconnect the clients and server to the school network, they all
> speed up (although still unacceptably slow). This is true without changing
> a single setting!
> Can someone help me? I'm new to this and I can't find this particular error.
> --Jason Waskiewicz
>   jason waskiewicz sendit nodak edu
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