[K12OSN] Cups deleting jobs

Jesper Berth big at santaz.dk
Mon Jan 24 19:20:23 UTC 2005

Yes i know i can do that, but i would like to make a script there each
night removed all jobs it couldn't print. I am not always near a
computer with internet acces, so if it could run automatic every night
that would be great :-)


> with ssh you should be able to login...then
> links or lynx http://localhost:631/ to access your CUPS web interface...
> there you can restart the printer for them...manage jobs as well I believe..
> --Huck
> Jesper Berth wrote:
> >Hi 
> >
> >I have a small problem with cups, I have just recieved a phonecall from
> >my school that they can't print. 
> >
> >I have ssh acces to the school, and if i do 
> >
> >ls -al /var/spool/cups
> >
> >i get a long list of jobs some starting with c***** and are only ~570 in
> >size others d*****-001 and are much larger in size. These are the
> >printed and not printed jobs right??
> >
> >Can i just delete these??
> >
> >Jesper
> >  
> >
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