[K12OSN] Re: LTSP slows down on subnet

Jason Waskiewicz Jason.Waskiewicz at sendit.nodak.edu
Mon Jan 24 21:55:38 UTC 2005

>Need some details:
>have you ever used this server for LTSP before?

I have used this particular setup over the school network for LTSP. I have
changed no settings since installing the switch.

>       How well did it work?

It was very slow, but it did (after about 5 minutes) give me a login
screen and let me run applications.

>        running what OS then

Same setup. Red Hat Fedora Core 2.

>What CPU and speed ? how much RAM

Pentium 3
451 MHz (I think)
250 MB Memory

>What speed are your network components capable of?

The network cards on the thin-clients are 3c509. I think they are 10 (not
sure of the unit, but slower than the 100)
The clients are all Pentiums with between 16-64 MB of memory.
The switch is capable of 100 (not sure of the unit)
The cable is all 5e
I am not sure about the network cards in the server. They were unknowns I
dug up. The one connected to the thin-clients is SMC2-1211TX; the one
connected to the school network is RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+

>What speed are your network running at?

I'm not sure; but it's really slow!

>How many NICs on your server

2 on the server. I'm not sure why it runs (slowly) over the school
network, but barely at all over my subnetwork. 3 hours to display a few
dots is unacceptable!

I hope I've clarified anything. I'm not a "tech" person. I'm a science
teacher who is trying to build his own (cheap) computer lab.

--Jason Waskiewicz
  jason.waskiewicz at sendit.nodak.edu

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