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Re: [K12OSN] Cups deleting jobs

Those are all the unprinted jobs. The c123456 file is the control file, which contains info about which printer the job is supposed to be delivered to. The d123456 file is the data file which is the data to be printed. Yes, a script that removes those files would clear the queue. But a better approach would be to figure out why those jobs aren't getting printed.


Jesper Berth wrote:
Yes i know i can do that, but i would like to make a script there each
night removed all jobs it couldn't print. I am not always near a
computer with internet acces, so if it could run automatic every night
that would be great :-)


with ssh you should be able to login...then

links or lynx http://localhost:631/ to access your CUPS web interface...
there you can restart the printer for them...manage jobs as well I believe..


Jesper Berth wrote:


I have a small problem with cups, I have just recieved a phonecall from
my school that they can't print.

I have ssh acces to the school, and if i do

ls -al /var/spool/cups

i get a long list of jobs some starting with c***** and are only ~570 in
size others d*****-001 and are much larger in size. These are the
printed and not printed jobs right??

Can i just delete these??


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