[K12OSN] Sis900 NIC and the "Media link off"-problem

Odin Nosen odin at myeye.mine.nu
Wed Jan 26 20:44:51 UTC 2005

 I"ve got several IBM NetVista X40 machines and they all got a SIS900 NIC (low profile
 PCI). When I use etherboot (sis900:sis900) the card initializes, get the boot image
 (pxelinux.0) from the dhcp and ends up with a "eth0: Media link off" when it should find
 the 100mb full duplex media it connects to. If I use a floppy with the etherboot image I
 get the "eth0: Media link off" and it tries to get an IP from the dhcp server, and
 needless to say, that doesn"t work.

 I've tried etherboot v5.3.12, 5.2.6 and 5.0.10 - all with the same result.
 Is there anything I can do to make this work? I would love to use these
 NetVista-machines as thin LTSP-clients...
 "!" from Odin

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