[K12OSN] XDMCP INET6 socket connection failed

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Jan 27 03:00:10 UTC 2005

> Jim: When it is all working give me feedback how to make it all clearer..
> chuck

Can do.  I'll have the setup along with me at the Lenox in Boston.  I figure 
3 iBooks and one 4 port switch (1 Server and 2 clients) shouldn't be too bad 
to carry around.  It'll be nice to have a portable network to mess with over 

I have gotten X to run on the iBook now thanks to Jim M's suggestion to put 
the XF86Config.ws004 in /opt/ltsp/ppc/etc.  Now my last problem is that the 
actual size of the display is larger than the physical size of the 12" iBook 
monitor.  So about 4" is cut off on the right hand and bottom edges.  I am 
sure this is one more tweak to the XF86Config but I don't know what to change 
(since this is an exact duplicate of the XF86Config in the running YDL server 
iBook that displays fine).  Any more suggestions would be awesome.  Till then 
I'll just poke at settings and see what happens.  

I think I am going to fire up a Bondi, Indigo, and flat panel iMac quick just 
to see what happens.

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