[K12OSN] Re: AR/STAR Take XXXXXVI (give or take a few)

John Baillie jbaillie at stmarys-school.org
Thu Jan 27 03:26:53 UTC 2005

Don't get me started :-/

We ended up installing a Windows Terminal Server to provide Renaissance
Learning products.

I've had some communication with codeweavers recently and they were
ready to start porting it to their product but there was not enough
interest to make it worth their while. Also Renlearn is in the process
of moving all products to their Renaissance Place software model.
Chances are the old products will be shelved over the next few years.

Honestly, building an OSS interface and DB back end for what I'd like to
"Everyone Reads!" is very doable. It's the test bank that is the real
"got ya".

It would take quite an initiative to get enough volunteers to build up a
test bank to make such an undertaking worthwhile. 

So there it is, my semi annual AR gripe session.

Jeff wrote:
>    3. AR/STAR Take XXXXXVI (give or take a few) (Jeff Davis)


> I'm sure this has been asked and/or answered here before - Can k12ltsp 
> allow the linux terminals to run AR/STAR via wine or ???  This would be 
> part one of a two part holy grail.  The other would be MS Access (yuck).
> Thanks.
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